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Inclusivity and Diversity

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Gaharaya Collection

Step into the world of GahaRaya, where sophistication intertwines with tradition. Embrace the princess-like allure of our hijab collection, echoing the essence of Gahara. With ‘Raya’ as our guiding star, illuminate Eid Mubarak festivities in sheer elegance. Elevate your style while relishing ‘ketupat‘, because luxury is in the details.

Elegancia Collection

Explore the ‘10’ captivating designs within Elegancia and let confidence become your trademark. These designs communicate silently yet powerfully. With a palette of pastel colors and cool abstract patterns, Elegancia creates a captivating contrast between light and dark tones that seamlessly share the spotlight. Its intricate patterns add texture and depth to the overall look, providing both style and warmth for any occasion. 

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